Daily Advent prayers begin

This year my Advent daily prayers shared here will be for the children – the one sitting over the rattlesnake hole in Isaiah 11, the foster child, the hungry child, the watched-Frozen-a-hundred-times child, the one with two dads like Jesus, the one with two moms like Jesus, the one shining out of the eyes of my friend who lives in the memory-loss unit of an assisted care facility, or the one I catch in the mirror so many times this season. Feel free to post first names of children of God of any age needing prayer after these prayers, with or without describing the reason, or email: please pray for… with a category to giftsinopenhands@gmail.com. I will write that prayer during Advent … or maybe you will.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

God, for the star in the ultrasound,
this gestation, guest-ation
of fourteen weeks,
we pray —
soul-magnifying blessings,
justice for all,
especially the small,
and birth in a constellation of love.

Star-sender of old,
bless all such comets of hope,
carried under the heart,
long-awaited or unexpected,
our little prophecies.



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