Advent Prayer for children with ASD

December 3, 2014AA022283

God, you are paying attention to them
these your so-focused children,
with autism, Aspergers, Rett’s, PDD-NOS,
a spectrum of life’s colors.

When they have trouble
making eye contact with people,
you let them see angels.

When words do not come,
you promise a Word,
who is also light and life –
not just everything verbal.

On the hardest day —
some day when social interaction
fails in a spectacular way,
you remind them that the manger
is a place for those
who don’t fit in at the inn.

And when they repeat themselves –
you, God, hum along —
repeat the sounding joy,
repeat the sounding joy,
repeat, repeat
a deep and soul-resounding joy.

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2 Responses to Advent Prayer for children with ASD

  1. Beautiful… I repeat… Beautiful.

  2. Maren says:

    Thank you, Dwight. Heartfelt.

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