Prayer for children from John 1

Tuesday, December 9, 2014The_Star_Of_Bethlehem_by_FracFx

Word with God,
pure light, pure energy.
co-existent with God,
creating heavens and earth from chaos,
constellations from black holes,

you banged the big bang,
whispered the possibilities of species
to emerge from one another,
wing from fin,
finger from talon,
spine upright from spine horizontal,
from exoskeleton,
in fragile, glorious evolution.

And you chose diaper rash,
or swaddle-rash.
You chose toenails, acne,
belly-aches and belly-laughs.
You chose to feel hurt
when other children
would not play with you,
to be hungry,
cross with your parents,
crossed by power
that did not recognize you.

And so you know us
childhood leukemia and
the roller coaster of teenage love,
a bad grade, fear of those
who are supposed to love you,
the exhilarating spin of a hockey skate,
many kinds of falling.

Thank you.

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