Advent and Christmas Communion Liturgy

For Advent and Christmas LL DuBreuil offers seasonal words of institution that lift the heart.

Words of Institution:

In God, we have a constant source of hope.
Hope as a rainbow for a world in chaos.
Hope as bread for wanders in the desert.
Hope as a land restored and renewed.
Hope as a baby born long ago.
Hope at a table set with symbols.

It is at this table we remember the child and the man. A child born in poverty. A man rich with grace. The child, a promise of love and salvation. The man, a fulfillment of forgiveness and grace.

In his last hours, as in his first, Jesus was surrounded by love. He celebrated the meal and shared a wonderful new birth of hope. He said, eat every one of you of this bread. For this is my body, which is broken for you. He said, drink every one of you of this cup. For this is my blood which is shed for you. This cup is a new covenant that God, through Christ is making with us. A covenant of hope, a covenant of peace, a covenant of love, a covenant of joy.

The Words of Institution are by Rev. LL DuBreuil © 2005. Permission is freely granted to reproduce and use.

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