Advent prayers for children of many ages

Saturday, December 13, 20141293122737

For babies
who turn my nights into monkey bread,
but each piece is very sweet —
thank you, God.

For toddlers,
quick with kindness,
sturdy with self-interest,
crumpling into tears,
absorbing the fingerprints of every adult
gentle and harsh, mentor and predator,
so vulnerable I want to hide them
somewhere safe —
thank you, God.

For small children
who have discovered their race
and the race of others,
who need glasses, a hearing aid,
who live with autism,
who love sports and hate school,
or the other way around,
who fill their imaginations with
Power Rangers or Terabithia,
who are different every year —
thank you, God.

For teenagers
I want to free range,
but the helicopter blades
are beating in my heart …
fear of drugs, fear of peers,
fear of depression,
fear of not being important to them —
thank you, God.

For young adults –
in career or college or military –
finding things and losing things,
entering new relationships,
having children or not having children,
moving far away
and far away,
Thank you, God.

For adult children
who worry about me,
trying to give me independence,
but wanting to keep me
somewhere safe —
thank you, God.

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6 Responses to Advent prayers for children of many ages

  1. sugruerm says:

    Each verse presents heart tugging unconditional love, the gift offered to every parent.
    To give thanks for fears is bitter sweet for we can only fear for others when we know love.

  2. rezrevres says:

    You’ve nicely captured every condition in parenting through the years, particularly the latter ones. Thanks Maren.

  3. Emily Geoghegan says:

    Thank you, Maren. What a beautiful poem…left me in tears!

  4. Maren says:

    Thank you all three … these are some “lived-in” experiences!

  5. Such moving words – I will send this to some parents of adults, who are still seeing the toddlers and teenagers in their 30 and 40 year olds — who wonder about their parents’ aging.

  6. Barbara VanAusdall says:

    My heart is so full, rejoicing in the beauty and joy of the season, while heavily weighed down with the unrest that fills our streets and the evening news, yet held together with the love of God in that amazing manger.

    Thank you for your beautiful prayer for us – from birth throughout our lives as God’s children.

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