A Poem for Christmas from India

A Poem for Christmas, 2014 by Savithri Devanesen
of Roofs for the Roofless in Kilpauk, Chennai, India

This Christmas
I greet you,
dear friends,
with the warmth
and joy
the Nativity always brings,
with the accelerated speed
of the age we live in.empty-manger

It has been a time
of fresh discoveries
of God’s wonderful ways
of renewing us
as we contemplate
the past years
of a full, and exciting life.
from which the high moments
of exaltation
and the low moments
of sorrow
have now blended
in a daily pattern
of unceasing thanksgiving,
and prayers for serenity
like a calm sunset
after a fierce storm ……

Mercy, Peace and Love
born under a dancing star,
made Incarnate
in the manger
of the world’s liberation
and in the innocence and wonder
of the heavenly songs
and divine music
of a new creation.

May your love and compassion
all people,
all nations
in a rainbow of light
for joyful living.

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