Three Poems for Christmas from Aotearoa

Three poems in very different moods from Beverley Osborn for our Christmas morning!  May yours be a blessed one.

What a Surprise!canstock16219611

The world headlines blazon
disaster,misery, despair, hatred and hunger,
but we sing our Christmas songs
of hope, joy, peace, love and trust.
We tell the Christmas message —
goodwill among all people,
faith in the God of new beginnings.

What a Surprise!
In spite of all those accusing headlines,
it’s God who has faith in us!

In the birth of every new baby
Christ comes again into our lives,
breathing love, snuggling peacefully,
smiling with innocent joy —
God’s reminder that our hope of a better world
is entrusted to us.

What a Surprise!

They brought gifts, we are told,mistletoe
those Wise Men of old —
myrrh, frankincense and gold.

They brought gifts to the child —
himself gift of God —
gifts of love
to nourish and develop,
to add sweetness to his living,
to care for his suffering.

And the child became those gifts of love,
nourishing and encouraging,
breathing hope and joy,
bringing compassion and healing —

gifts that grew in strength and grace,
gifts that spread through time and space,
gifts of love in every place,
gifts of self through ages spilling,
gifts today where hearts are willing.

Bird of Peace,
long ago
you were also Bird of Hope,
bearing green leaves after flood.

Still you fly
the sky-ways of our world,
through sun and storm,
after desolation,
bringing hope of abundant living.

Peace Bird,
your voice is small and soft,
re-assuring, lullaby-like.
We must be still to hear you.

Peace Bird,
is it only when we are very still,
looking for you, longing for you,
listening –
oh, listening—
that you come to us,
bearing green leaves
of abundant blessing?

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2 Responses to Three Poems for Christmas from Aotearoa

  1. Katherine Myers says:

    Joyeux Noël, Maren. I am in Paris for Christmas. Sharing your Christmas post of Beverly Osborn’s “What a Surprise!” Dieu vous bénisse, Katherine Mills Myers

    Sent from my iPad


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