New Year’s Poem, for anyone who has a friend in a Memory Loss Unit “Auld Lang Syne”

Should old acquaintance be forgot
the story, face and name,
through loss of years — both joys and tears –
yet we shall be the same.

From old acquaintance and from new –
CNA, PT, and nurse,
one single touch feels kinder now
than all the universe.

Though mind be humbled by disease,
and thoughts not nimble climb –
yet deep inside, my answer hides
for those who take the time.

For sons and daughters with a smile,
for those who bathe with care,
for greyhound wag, the cook’s young child,
for polished nails, brushed hair …

For sweetness in the birthday cakes,
for jokes with vacuumed spills,
for patience walking halls at night
and courtesy with bills …

For feathers on the new year’s mask,
a gently lifted spoon,
Each laugh is like a light that shines,
at midnight as at noon.

We love the old and long ago —
the future’s full of chance.
Yet share a cup of kindness still,
its courage helps us dance.

Oh, yes, there’s much that’s been “forgot”
frustration grows and fears –
but we can hold each precious “now”
and celebrate New Years.

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2 Responses to New Year’s Poem, for anyone who has a friend in a Memory Loss Unit “Auld Lang Syne”

  1. Carol Lundgren says:

    Oh Maren – I feel you’ve aptly captured the message from the minds and hearts of the aging and infirm. Thank you for giving voice to those who do not have the facility to speak of these things, but think them every day. My 99 1/2 year old Mom would applaud you if she could!

  2. Maren says:

    Carol, I had the care of my husband and my four parents — because we are both only children — three died of Alzheimers disease and the fourth died at 98 with senile dementia. I’ve come to love people who live with courage in this illness so made the “boogeyman” of our era, and the many enormously kinds people who work in facilities that care for them. New Year’s blessings for you and your Mom.

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