Slam for John 1: 43-51

(It’s been a while since I have written on the lectionary texts.)

It’s stirred not shaken, some kind of anti-martini —
the famous “follow-me” call.

There’s the one that whispers, “Get up”
in the middle of the night
but isn’t there – on the ice cream side
of the refrigerator door,
or on the flat-screen TV
when you channel-surf to get drowsy.
Maybe, just maybe, it’s there
when you stand outside the door
to hear the breathing of someone you love.

Samuel, that call was Samuel’s … right?

Of course, there’s “Go, be kind to all the wrong people.”
Jonah got all swallowed up in that call.

Then there was Moses with the burning bush,
Isaiah with the burning tongue,
Jeremiah, too young,
Amos lonely for the sycamore trees —
all of them, way too political,
too Move-On dot God.

Mary with the pregnancy? really a one time thing.

But what about a call that’s not God’s voice
or mystical shrubbery or angels or whales?

Someone extremely human
asks you to … “Come and see.”

Maybe it’s the girl from high school math club
who friended you on Face book,
the neighbor preacher lady
with the annoying beagle,
or the guy at the meeting little too friendly
acting like you belong there,
when you stopped by
just to see what AA is all about.

“Come and see,” but everyone knows
nothing good comes out of … church.

And then Jesus
(who has extremely odd disciples)
says he saw you at Starbucks with your laptop,
and knows so much about you
it’s practically identify theft.

Of course you should be really shaken up,
but, in fact, you’re stirred.

That’s the point.
You are stirred up and already thinking –
Why not? I could do this …
fox-without-holes, miracles,
stories that feel like my life
but with trick endings,
(did I mention – the angels going
up and down the stairs?)
a crash course in charismatic
and dangerous, but
wait – it’s better in a bit of a crowd.

There must be someone I know —
someone as crazy and lonely
and hopeful as me,
that I need to find and say,
or call, whatever … “Come and see?”

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6 Responses to Slam for John 1: 43-51

  1. I love this. Thanks –

  2. Pam Spain says:


  3. cheryl says:

    This one resonates for me. Thanks!

  4. Maren says:

    Thank you all — perhaps I should think about the slam / aloud form for the New Year.

  5. sugruerm says:

    I had my daughter (young middle-aged) present this in our service this morning after the lectionary readings. The congregation (about 60, predominantly senior citz with a smattering of families) were captivated. Thanks Maren.

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