Improv on Ezekiel 37 – Valley of the Dry Bones

The hand of God came upon me
and I was brought out by the Spirit of God
and set in the middle of a valley;
and it was full of … organ donations.

There were very many in the valley
and they were bloody.

They were very bloody and every one of them
was a car accident or a murder
or a devastating illness,
and the spirit of tears and tragedy
hung all about them.

A voice said to me, “Mortal can these organs live?”
and I answered, “O God, you alone know.”

Then God said to me,
“Prophesy to these organs and say to them,

O you hearts and kidneys and corneas,
you skin that was loved and touched,
you pumping, cleansing, seeing parts
of children and young dads,
bright young women and teenagers,
hear God’s word –

I will string muscles on you again,
cushion you with flesh,
and make skin to be sewn like mended life
around you … and you shall live.”

So I prophesied as I had been commanded
and there was a noise – codes, blue and orange
and white, the rolling of gurneys,
and the slap of instruments on latex palms,

and there was muscle and flesh and skin,
but there was no Spirit in them.

And God said to me, “Prophesy to the breath —
to winds of terrible grief and even more terrible hope,
the Spirit who must breathe in these slain —
that where two lived
one will live and one will live forever …”

And I prophesied again as I was commanded,

“So it is that graves open —
I will bring you back from the land of uncertainty,
from the waiting list where you say –
‘our hope is lost, we are cut off completely,’

“I will bring one of you to no-rejection
and the other to resurrection.
I will open your graves,
O my bony, bleeding, beautiful children,
and you will live … and know that I am God.”

If it is in your heart, please consider finding out about ways that the body that God has given you may give life to someone else once you are held in God’s eternal love.

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