Improv on “Matchmaker” from Fiddler on the Roof

Every once in a while I write a piece for an event and then there is no place to use it. I will be spending several days this week leading worship with the wonderful folks from the Rocky Mountain Conference Association of United Church Educators of the United Christ of Christ at their “Congregations Alive: event. For a light (silly) moment I wrote this Pauline reboot, then gave it the “boot” because there was just too much going on. It scans for the wonderful music of Jerry Bock.

Tentmaker, Tentmaker,
make us a tent,
piece us some peace,
send us some “sent”
Tentmaker, Tentmaker,
travel this way
and tent us a holy tent.

Tentmaker, Tentmaker,
we’re full of search.
You bring the staff,
right for my church.
Send some Galatians like 3:28
both female and male sound great!

For children –
help them to wonder.

For teens —
Don’t put them to sleep!

For new folks
with biblical blunders —
our words should be simple
as well as deep!

Basket Escaper
who opens all doors,
sing down our jails
green us outdoors
You’ve been to Damascus and Tarsus and Rome
So form us some faith
for our home.

Apostle …
remember, God’s gentle.
Remember —
that thorn in your side.

Our worship …
is experimental

Except when it’s petrified.

Tentmaker, Tentmaker
open our hearts
faith us no works
We will not shirk.
You wrote the letters
for saints and for jerks –

So …
church us no school
form us no faith
group us no youth
(pageants? prevent!)

unless we know God’s in-tent!

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6 Responses to Improv on “Matchmaker” from Fiddler on the Roof

  1. Emily Geoghegan says:

    Wonderful! Lighthearted and profound!

  2. Emily Geoghegan says:


    Sent from my iPad


  3. Thank you, Supreme Crafter of Words!

  4. Carol Lundgren, FCCWakefield, NH says:

    Ah, a new “ear worm” melody to be in-tent in the listening to marvelous new lyrics! Thank you Maren.

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