All the bread is gluten-free, and,
I said to the young woman
I saw receive her one year medallion,
the cup has no alcohol.

When he was sacra-menuing
the brokenness he intended to give,
Jesus didn’t use the lamb.

He used what everyone
could afford to eat, to drink,

and so around the world
people taste
holy meals of tortilla or rice cake,
but it wasn’t this highfaluting
global reflection
that served me my morning
crumb of gospel hope.

I was walking by my neighbor’s house
with the beagle
between the five foot snow drifts
and realized she used
the paw-friendly ice melt —
pretty expensive that.

This is communion, I thought,
as I kicked the snow off my boots
on the threshold,

this is communion –
making the way open for everyone,
recognizing it will cost.

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5 Responses to Communion

  1. Bernadette Swanson says:

    Lovely observation and sharing!

  2. Brilliant, and simple, and so true. Even for the beagle that bit me (!) there’s room in the company of heaven.

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    • Maren says:

      Thank you for sharing this winter reflection — the reminder cools me down on a very hot day. Pop an “r” in my last name to help folks find me if they wish to do so. Blessings, Maren

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