Work for Peace in Uganda

Lance Muteyo has recently been to Uganda leading a Conflict Transformation Training for trainers at Children for the Nations. Poet, peace trainer throughout Africa, Lance keeps me apprised of his many projects. Here is a news release from the Pan Africa Peace Network (which can well be added to church mission budgets — not just Baptist based ones … go to their website to see). But even better than the facts are Lance’s pictures in a place of so much sorrow faced by hope and courage.


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PAN AFRICAN PEACE NETWORK (PAP-NET) conducted an intensive Conflict Transformation Training for Trainers at Children of The Nations (COTN), Lira – Uganda from 29th to 31st January 2015. This training was conducted by the main facili tator: Lancelot Muteyo from Harare, Zimbabwe; and Co-facilitated with Philip Kakungulu Stargate From Kampala, Uganda. Hosted by the Rev. Okalo James EKWANG, Senior Pastor; Truth Foun tain Cathedral and Country Director Children of the Nations (COTN), Uganda. Lance is the Director; Training & Advocacy – PAPNET and Incoming President of PAN AFRICAN PEACE NETWORK. Philip is the Country Representative PAPNET – Uganda and Team Leader at Crossing Lines AfricaPAPNET Partner Project. We had on board the Legal Advisor PAP-NET; Advocate James Mulaya from Zambia.

Lira District lies along the northern belt which was violently ravaged by the Lord’s Resistance Army LRA led by Kony. In this part of Uganda, tens of thousands of people lost their lives including men, women, children and toddlers during this 20 year LRA rebellion. It is not surprising today, finding thousands of orphaned & homeless children, widows; broken families, traumatized adults and children, and absolute poverty as the village communities struggle to sprout from the ashes. Pastor James Okalo stands at the Helm of this empowerment with his Church ministry together with COTN Team in putting hope within reach in Northern Uganda.

Children of the nations Uganda takes care of 500 children of which 100 stay at their home village campus and are educated at the Primary & secondary school on campus. The training empowered their 65 staff members with leadership positions; teachers, administrators, drivers, social workers, security personnel, mothers, church ministers and nurses.

Lance Muteyo
Training and Advocacy Director
Pan African Peace Network (PAP-NET)
69 9th Crescent Warren Park One
Harare Zimbabwe
263 4 774 633 336
http://www.facebook/Pan African Peace Network .com
Skype: Lancelot Muteyo

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  1. lance Muteyo says:

    This is amazing

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