Lenten Reflections on scripture — Chinese New Year

These forty days I will spend time with scriptures, reflecting on them, improvising on them, re-telling them, trying, in spite of Lent, to turn them … resurrection out.

Chinese New Year – The Year of the Goatgoat-year_14226742861
The high mountains are for the wild goats;
the rocks are a refuge for the coneys.
Psalm 104:18

I claim the joy –
the leaping lightly of La Manchas,
that stiff festive flop
of Tennessee fainting goats,
the gathering
to care for each other
from newborn sweet slickness
to age-goldened herd queen.

I claim the shrewd —
the lawnmower thoroughness
of a back yard goat,
the wily stubbornness
that wins
against all the ogres lurking
under the bridges
of twelve months to come.

I claim the ability
to swallow most things –
stripping the label off,
but not really eating the tin cans.
I claim the ability to climb
higher than the highest heights
and the desire to do so.

Most human children,
after all,
are more goat-like than sheeply,
both kinds of kids can kick,

and God is never really happy
with our predilection for dividing things.

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