Lenten Reflection on scripture — Prayer shawls

These forty days I will spend time with scriptures, reflecting on them, improvising on them, re-telling them, trying, in spite of Lent, to turn them … resurrection out.

February 20, 2015
Matthew 6:28b-30

Consider the prayer shawls of the church,
how they warm,
spun but not from toil –
yet sermons, choirs, mission projectshhh fall 13 003 hands
in all their glory
have no more love than they do.

If God so knits the yarn
(and laughter and conversation)
which wraps tenderness today
but is tucked in a drawer
after surgery or chemo is over,
or is thrown away by a relative
emptying the house,
how much more
will God weave comfort around you,
in spite of all
your dropped stitches.

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3 Responses to Lenten Reflection on scripture — Prayer shawls

  1. A lovely, and loving, recognition of the work of prayer shawl knitters, and the way in which they spread love in Christ’s name, with a hug you can feel again, anytime you need it.

  2. Cynthia Wade says:

    It makes the work of keeping a small group of knitters working and laughing and talking together while keeping the hands busy…..it makes all of that feel worthwhile and recognized for what it is, love and fellowship, a gift in the name of Christ.

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