Lenten reflection on scripture — Judge not …

Matthew 7: 1-3

Do not judge the school bully
if you cannot count his beatings.
Do not judge the addict
to online pornography
if you don’t know
why she wants to be spanked.

Do not judge the alcoholic
with a year’s worth,
of one-day-at-a-time,
but none of them touch each other.
Do not judge the jihadist,
the snake-handler,
the white supremacist,
swastika tattooed on a shaved head.

Do not judge the twenty year old
with a cigarette hanging
just off the lip,
the person who left the bar impaired
and killed a family of four,
the one who doesn’t separate
gun and bullets
and leaves them unlocked,
the one who hurts dogs,
the relative who destroys
every single holiday family meal,
the church member who makes
the sanctuary so toxic,
no one ever wants to come again.

But we do.

So what if we are all

with the whole Quiltbag,
undocumented immigrants,
a diversity of skin tones,
languages, prayers,
members of the other party,
even with teabags,
people on the autism spectrum,
those in recovery or out on bail?

We’ve got the lubricating eyedrops ,
(for any specks of dust)
take organic Eyebright herbal supplements
and wear progressive lenses.

God just says – “Here …
do you want to borrow my saw?”


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4 Responses to Lenten reflection on scripture — Judge not …

  1. Betsy says:

    Wowsie, Maren…that is really and truly powerful!

  2. Bernadette Swanson says:

    Maren, I’m leading a discussion on current events with a focus on forgiveness this week. This is a perfect discussion point: Without judgment, is there a need to forgive? Thanks!

  3. Erice Fairbrother says:

    this is challenging Maren. There is judgement and there is forgiveness. Not always at the same time. Even Jesus was exclusivist if meant the least were hurt or disadvantaged

  4. Maren says:

    That is absolutely the issue, isn’t it? In the lectionary (revised common lectionary) we have the cleansing of the temple in two weeks but this text of specks and logs is clearly a priority.

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