Lenten reflection on scripture — Micah 6:8

What doesn’t the LORD require of you …
once insider trading,
walls across the Mexican border
and strutting
are off the table?

The rest of everything.
Hymns, praise music, sermons
and capital campaigns
are not required.
The second amendment is not required.
Extensive vocabulary,
good wardrobe, college degree,
attractive children, four wheel drive,
user-friendly website
are not required.

I love pedicures and dancing,
but they are not required –

neither are rivers of oil,
thousands of rams and my firstborn,
but those have been non-starters
for millennia now.

What doesn’t the LORD require of you?

The rest of everything,
but especially the personal list
that schedules justice for tomorrow,
makes kindness an afterthought,
and jams traffic
on the road to humble.

Note: The second amendment of the Constitution of the United States insures the right to bear firearms.

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