Lenten reflection on scriptures, remembering Leonard Nimoy

Psalm 90:17 – Let the favor of God be upon us
and prosper for us the work of our hands, prosper the work of our hands.

It is one thing we want —Leonard_Nimoy_by_Gage_Skidmore
not only to go to our rest loved,
and honored, maybe after a long life.
but that our work,
the things that meant so much to us,
prosper the work of our hands.

We celebrate the work
of the man who famously,
as Spock,
said, “live long and prosper.”
translating the blessing hands
of childhood rabbis
to one that invited generations
to wonder about the stars,
and ask –
what it is to be human.

There’s more we celebrate, too,
of this Yiddish-speaking child of the Ukraine,
who started acting at age eight …

all the roles,
from Dragnet to William Bell,
Vincent Van Gogh, Jekyll and Hyde …

the writing and directing,
the narrating and producing,
voiceovers for animation and games,
Do Not Forget
about the Holocaust,
hosting documentaries and
and even the records …

and also the other things –
his photography,
especially the Shekinah project
showing the feminine side of God,

support for the Griffith Observatory
so people could see the sky
and those Nickelodeon shows
making eight year old kids
want to live long
and be in the movies.

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6 Responses to Lenten reflection on scriptures, remembering Leonard Nimoy

  1. sugruerm says:

    A beautiful tribute, I hope his family get to read it.

  2. Maren says:

    Thanks, Rosalie, I’m not sure I run in quite those circles!!!!!

  3. Thanks, Maren. I have a book he wrote called Shekinah, with some of his photographs in it, I used them once in a blog post, quite a while ago now. Loved hearing his memories of the West End, which I wish had not been destroyed, the old Scollay Square was a theater district, and burlesque, which is likely why it was torn down. But what has replaced it is so much worse! I’m not a Trekkie, but did love the films when they were new, and marked a change in our imaginative life. Ive been struck by how he changed physically as he aged. Some people only change minimally, hair goes white, wrinkles. But his whole face changed. I wonder if that is genetic, or from some other source.

  4. Andrea ( aka rokinrev) says:

    Maren, if you post this to his art agent, should get to them. The site crashed when he died, but if you searcg for Nimoy and art, it’s in Massachusetts.

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