Lenten reflections on scripture — Moses and Nicodemus …

(a light look at Revised Common Lectionary passages –
Numbers 21:4-9 and John 3:14-20)

Moses and Nicodemus walk into a …
coffee shop
(because Moses was forty years
the designated driver
and Nicodemus needed the caffeine)
and they start to talk about
snakes on poles.

And Moses says – it’s like
journalists, the exposing kind,
who show us what’s happening,
and, when we look,
really look, at the world
beyond our comfort zipcodes,
we start to heal things,

or therapists – who hang
the deep biters in people’s lives
to be seen.

But Nicodemus,
a late night and latte kind of guy,
still sensitive about
the comparison of his wisdom
to dirty diapers,
wonders whether we need
to say to the only begotten One
“Bite me,”

before any of our theology
(spirituality, sermons,
stained glass, labyrinths, lectio,
hands on mission or
centering prayer)
can draw out
the poison of the heart.

Then Moses jumps up
because his pillar of cloud
is parked by a hydrant,
and Nicodemus remembers
he and his friend Joe
have a date with the authorities
about burying
someone they love,

and they walk out of the coffee shop
and the joke.

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2 Responses to Lenten reflections on scripture — Moses and Nicodemus …

  1. sugruerm says:

    Fab fun, thank you. I wondered if you would use your comment-reply ‘throw away line’ – it started me thinking but I got no further than Moses ordering water on the rocks and Nicodemus going for spirits.

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