Lenten reflection on scripture — the Prayer of our Savior in Questions

(Matthew 6: 9-13)

God of the old slippers and the apron,
where are you –
Polaris, the Southern Cross
or nearer still to us?

How can we make you holy –
some praise song
or stained glass window,
a tiny sip of juice, a soup kitchen?

What is coming?

How can we know your will,
and will we, will we do it?
And where … this child who needs a story,
that global warming?

Can you give us enough for this day –
food, beauty, love —
and can we learn to open our hands?

Can we learn to open our hands
and let fall
all that we are gripping –
what we owe you,
the ways we trample on others,
how little we are willing to forget
others’ debts, trespasses?

Will we reach out for the forgiving
as it passes us by?

What is the difference between
temptation and hope
and can you tell us in time??

In all our sorrows and dangers,
in all the hurtings
and the broken dreams,
can you deliver or accompany us?

And when we are tempted
to strike, to hurt,
to break the dreams of others –
can we ask you now
to stop us then?

Where is the landscape of your love,
the awakening
beneath frozen ground,
the song in the night …

that we can share?

A-men … ah, when?

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