Lenten reflection on scripture — for Vanuatu

(Job 38:1f)

God speaks to the world after the whirlwind,
(not in it or
in any earthquake or fire) —

I will question you …
and you shall answer.

Where are you
when foundations of Vanuatu
are shaken,
when the hospitals are broken
when God’s children drink salt water
and die for lap lap, for plantains,
for taro, fish, papaya?

Do you know my beautiful islands –
Maewo, Hunter, Gaua,
Pentecost —
the coconut trees,
the mollusks and fish,
the flying foxes, flowerpot snakes?

Do you see morning stars over Tanna,
or hear the music of ukelele,
of zouk, of reggaeton, in Port Villa?

Have you seen my people dance?

I love this archipelago –
from Mount Tabwemasana
on Espiritu Santo,
to the black stone,
the vanua,
the solidified lava
which stands in poetry for
indigenous spirit of this people.

Where are you
when someone
must shut the sea with doors,
bring the fresh water?

Where will you beEratap,_Efate,_Vanuatu,_13_April_2008
when someone
must build again the houses,
plant trees,
comfort those who are weeping?

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One Response to Lenten reflection on scripture — for Vanuatu

  1. Emily Geoghegan says:

    So moving…..thank you, Maren. Weeping…..again!!

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