Lenten reflection on scripture — Equinox (equilux, really)

(Ecclesiastes 3:1, 5)a3cc92822f9bd27ec193253048b077b8

Giver of the blessings of light
and the grace of darkness,
who dusts Tokyo and Washington
in cherry blossoms,
but sings autumn wind to Argentina,
Australia, South Africa,

make such an equinox,
that I cherish in equal measure
the day and the night,
growing things and those
that wither away,

the New Zealand prophecy of chill
and Canadian sun
that stirs the waking bees,
the white fur of shoeshoe hares
and the morning song
of returning birds.

Help me most
with balance of the heart —
work and play,
rest and rising and rest again,

family and friends
and needs of God’s children far away,

the walls in our world desperately
wanting my fingers
to cast away the stones,
and new foundations
that call to me to a slow patient
gathering together,

the bending-tending of my body,
fertilization of my mind,
and the spirit’s time
for every purpose under heaven.

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One Response to Lenten reflection on scripture — Equinox (equilux, really)

  1. Erice Fairbrother says:

    love it maren. Thank you – oh to be able to sustain an balance of the heart

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