Lenten reflection on scripture — to Olivet

(Mark 14:26)

When they had sung a hymn
they went out to the Mount of Olives.

When we sing a hymn
we go out to small betrayals,
our snoring past
the sad and lonely night
of someone we love,
bitter kisses,

and wild swinging
at the ears of the innocent
because we want to hurt someone,
mostly ourselves.

But sometimes,
when we sing a hymn,
as many of us will do tonight,
we try harder
to go out into a dangerous
justice and compassion,

to go out brave,
even though we are aware
the narrative arc
from hymn to cockcrow
will always break our hearts.

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1 Response to Lenten reflection on scripture — to Olivet

  1. Wonderful words. Thanks so very much for them.

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