Are you present? An anticipation for Easter

It is Maundy Thursday. For my posting it is too late for liturgical resources for clergy for Holy Week or Easter, but not too late to think about how we respond with love to the folks, often called Christmas / Easter Christians who may come to our services with all their longing. Sometimes in tiredness and frustration, people engaged in the church community betray by word or look or attitude of frustration that they have no patience with those who “have only come now.” And yet, it is often in the expected anonymity of a crowd, that people present themselves, hoping to be touched by God.

Todd Jenkins’ poem and photograph below speaks to us. To read more of Todd Jenkins work, take a look at his blog, “Tuesday’s Muse” here.

When you find someone
who self-identifies
as agnostic or atheist, hold her
with your heart, tenderly;

for she is often one
who has rejected
others’ notions of God

because those ideas failed
to dig deep enough to reach
the place of her pain.

Don’t bother to reason
her toward God.
She doesn’t need that,
and neither does God.

You might consider
sitting beside her
in silence for as long
as it takes to reach the ache.

The path from grief to hope
is easiest trod with a companion
who neither speaks nor judges;
faithful presence, the greatest gift.

JRJ 2015-2

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4 Responses to Are you present? An anticipation for Easter

  1. Rev. Jane MacIntyre says:

    nice –

    Happy Easter! Jane

  2. Maren says:

    Thanks and you as well, Jane!

  3. Elsa Marshall says:

    Maren you are such a gift. I look forward to your blog and your incredible poetry. Thank you for sharing your talents with me. I am blessed. I hope you have an Easter filled with resurrections and new life.

    shalom with deep appreciation,
    elsa marshall

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