Lenten scripture for reflection — Good Friday

(Galatians 3: 27; Romans 13:4)

In imagination I’ve seen Calvary,
from various perspectives —

the foot of the cross
with the faithful women,
and the disciple
responsible for eldercare,
or further – a crowd,
listening to forsakenness,
cheering vinegar,
or the thieves,
meeting death themselves
as people do,
in such different ways,
or furthest of all
the frightened followers.

But this, too, is in the text.

In Rome or Galatia,
I hear Paul say,
“clothe yourself with Christ,”
and know I can – put on
the seamless robe,
I gambled for and won.

This character is true today –
with our new science and old hymns,
our theology and
our online platforms.

We are still people
who roll the dice for God,
are forgiven,
what we know or don’t know,
what we’ve done or will do,

and then slowly, tenderly,
stick an arm in the soft sleeve
and put on Christ
to learn to love the world.

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6 Responses to Lenten scripture for reflection — Good Friday

  1. Kris Firth says:

    Maren, thank you. The last two stanzas so powerful.

  2. Mark Rideout says:

    Maren, for your thoughtful and provoking reflections, I can only offer a sincere word of thanks. I’ve accepted the words through Lent so willingly, and give thanks for your sharing of self in your writing. Invariably, along the way your words and imagery, and the sharing of other writers and reflections have woven together offering a constellation of light. Thank you!

  3. Maren says:

    You are so very welcome, Mark. One more tomorrow and I will rest. It has stretched and engaged me in new ways and the buoying prayers of others and heard-words have sparked so much. Blessings on your ministry and your Easter.

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