A reflection on Matthew 28: 1-10 for Kenya

An angel says to the parents of Kenya,
Do not be afraid
I know you look for your children
who have died,
who are no longer here
at Garissa University,

O, I am so sorry they are not here
to grow and laugh and learn,
to change the world,
and bring grandchildren
to your knees in your old age,

but I can tell you that they
have been raised.

Come, see the place where Jesus lay,
in our churches, in our hearts,
in a borrowed tomb
in the garden long ago.

Jesus was raised from the dead
for this —
to go ahead of these children,
not just Christian ones,
to prepare a place for them.

And Jesus, who knows inside out
all suffering
and so can be trusted, says –

Do not be afraid.
Go and tell the world —
if they want to see me and worship,
if they want to find
Easter in Easter,
come to where I can touch
the deepest sorrow
this year — come to Kenya.

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One Response to A reflection on Matthew 28: 1-10 for Kenya

  1. Emily Geoghegan says:

    Thank you, Maren. Alleluia.

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