An Improv on Acts 8: 26-40

The person traveling at speed
between his people
and those who are foreign,
the person on cruise-control
because her heart is scrolling
the Bible app,
the person who knows how to handle treasure
because it has been entrusted to him,
the person willing to hear
her Good News from strangers …

that person —
who does not even claim he or she,
who can’t step foot in some sanctuary
because of old, old laws,
who wonders
whether everything somehow
begins in suffering …

the one who feels the santa ana
of the Spirit on the lips,

asks the Supreme Court
(out of this running river
and baptismal pool of experience) –
what is to prevent me …
what is to prevent me from being married?

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2 Responses to An Improv on Acts 8: 26-40

  1. Lee Bryce says:

    Just preached on this text yesterday and wish so much I had seen this piece before. Amazing! Thank you for bringing the heart of this story to life in a new way.

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