Prayer for Nepal, for Baltimore by Todd Jenkins

Todd Jenkins who blogs over here and has a wonderful new book out Tuesday’s Muse 2 TM2 coveroffers a prayer for people in the United States today.

Lord, Have Mercy!
For Nepal, her mothers and fathers,
her siblings and babies, the bodies
suffocated by debris,
all the families who wait and wail,
hoping against hope,
digging against the clock,
praying against rock;
Lord, have mercy!

For Baltimore, raging against the pain,
sinking into mutual inhumanity,
burning hope like chaff,
scrambling into confusion,
psalming into the chaos
for all they’re worth,
disbelieving it will be enough;
Lord, have mercy!

For all whose tortured circumstances
merit no news coverage,
whose pain goes unnoticed
or unreported or even excused,
whose rudderless circumstances
create daily panic attacks
and breathless anxiety;
Lord, have mercy!

For us, when we get so caught up
in our own little dramas
that we fail to see the fear
in others’ eyes, cannot hear
the pain in others’ voices, and gloss
over our neighbor’s trauma;
Lord, have mercy!

Eye of Tree -- photo Todd Jenkins

Eye of Tree — photo Todd Jenkins

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