From New Zealand — a responsive prayer for Home and Family Sunday … and a garden prayer

Rosalie Sugrue from Aotearoa / New Zealand sends these prayers — of wonderful use right now!

May prayers
I offer a very simple garden blessing, short enough to memorise and say when enjoying a garden alone or with a close friend



Garden Blessing

Circle this place by day and by night,
May cycling seasons bring delight.
In this small garden may you smile
and walk content with us (me) awhile.
Keep us aware of things that harm,
and guide us to your healing balm. Amen 

Prayer for – Mothers Day
(Celebrated in some NZ churches as ‘Home and Family Sunday’)

Love-maker, Pain-bearer, Mother and Father of us all,
We know that no matter what we do your love is unconditional,
Help us to justify your love by living loving lives.

On this Home and Family Sunday we give special thanks for families.
From our earliest days we had relations to call our own,
We thank you that we were born into a family.

Bless all families – nuclear families, single-parent families, separated families,
inter-generational families, blended families, chosen families, foster families…
Whatever its composition, may each family be a unit of love.

We pray also for the extended family – grandparents, uncles, aunts,
nephews, nieces, cousins, step-children and God-children.
Enable each to play their part and know the joy of connectedness.

Bless all adults who interact with children and young people,
May they enjoy this responsibility and mentor with wisdom and patience,
Equip and re-equip each of us for our ever-changing society.

We give thanks for fathers and the particular parenting they bring.
We give thanks for mothers and the particular parenting they bring.
Help all parents fulfil their roles with competency and joy.

As our country celebrates Mothers’ Day we give special thanks for mothers.
Thank you for creating the concept of motherhood and the gift of mothering.
Enable all motherly women to put their mothering skills to good purpose.

Help us to carry and share the best things we learned from our mothers.
In silence we name our mothers and their virtues before you…
We think of our own mothers and offer our thanks

Bless each mother represented here, wherever she may be.
Bless us, the children of mothers, and the children of you,
May we be worthy of the relationship.

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2 Responses to From New Zealand — a responsive prayer for Home and Family Sunday … and a garden prayer

  1. Amelia Richardson Dress says:

    Thanks for this garden blessing! It will be one I teach to my daughter as we are planting and tending this year.

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