Spark-bird Pentecost

The birder explains to me
about spark-birds.

Everyone can name the spark-bird
in his or her life —
some are rare sightings,
others only backyard birds
but newly seen.
It may be a song or a call,
or a particular flying behavior.

A spark-bird is the one
that makes you choose this life
of rising in the damp,
tramping around with binoculars,
and not talking much
because you need
to listen to everything.

The spark-bird is the first entry
on the life-list
that bird watchers keep –
of color on a wing,
a flight or a nest,
an early morning song once heard,

dove over Jordan, falling sparrow, hen.

I am thinking this Pentecost
about spark-birds –

not so much about tongues of fire
tangles of language,
trying to undrunken the story
in a way that everyone can hear it,
great winds, red balloons
birthday cake for the church,

as the feathers dropped
from something
that has changed my life.


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7 Responses to Spark-bird Pentecost

  1. Beautiful, Maren! Thanks so much.

  2. dabar96 says:

    Inspiring, in more ways than one!

  3. Thank you, Maren, for this wonderful post.  It has “sparked” an idea for a Pentecost sermon!  May I use this thought (and your poem) in my sermon Sunday? (with proper acknowledgement, of course!)Faithfully,Ann Houlette, PastorBethany UCC; Louisville, KY

  4. pat parnell says:

    Beautiful, Maren. We never now what can change our life! Pat

  5. kneal1 says:

    beautiful and so timely

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