White is the new Red — Pentecost … Blessing the Toilet Paper

I re-post this missive of Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter … because it gave me joy this morning … because I want you to contribute to their ministry if you live near Patchogue or consider the needs of people in your area for hygiene supplies if you do not … and because it nudges us all to think outside the pew and outside our annual mission projects and responsibilities.

“I have never been so down on my luck that I had little or no access to toilet paper ~ but that is not the case with many people. We at the Congregational Church of Patchogue want to thank you for helping us to help people meet their most basic needs: simple foods, toilet paper, soap, feminine hygiene products and other items. This photo is from “The Blessing of the Toilet Paper” at the church. We serve people without regard or question as to their address, age, preferences, orientation, ethnicity. The only requirement is that they seek what we have to offer. And what we can offer is up to you. Please send contributions to The Congregational Church of Patchogue, 95 East Main St. Patchogue, NY 11772. Write pantry or TP in the memo section. 100% of contributions go to purchase much needed items.” Thank you, Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter.

Blessing of the Toilet Paper

Blessing of the Toilet Paper

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3 Responses to White is the new Red — Pentecost … Blessing the Toilet Paper

  1. David Yoder says:

    The churches of our local ministerium are passing around an outhouse. Each church fills it with paper products while it’s in their possession. These are then provided to local families through the auspices of the food bank. It’s a new endeavor but, so far, quite successful.

    David Yoder
    St John’s (Gernants) church
    Leesport, PA

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