Serenity Prayer for Pentecost

These rhythms are my daily devotion. They are woven into my soul and this is how they pray on this holiday.

God grant me the serenity
to let the walk-with-me,
talk-with-me, fix-me, hold-my-hand
personal garden Jesus …
just ascend.

God grant me the courage
to stop trying, trying, trying
to find my own voice
long enough
to be willing to lend it
to someone whose words
I do not understand,

someone who gets no hearing
in this world.

And God grant me the wisdom
to recognize that the Spirit
is doing all this
with community in mind.


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4 Responses to Serenity Prayer for Pentecost

  1. rezrevres says:

    Well said, and completely accurate

  2. says:

    Hi, Maren, The prayer is wonderful. And where did you get that image?   Jerry

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