California Water Liturgy

I offer some liturgy for drought. It is not only the Western United States … today it begins there, but all over the world is drought and violent wind and seasons of calamity. There are such great issues of climate care. But for me and my folks, we sometimes get washed up on the shore of far-away politics, having clicked ten or twenty petitions. We remove it from anything that touches our lives. So this is — very plain liturgy. And my hope that some of you will send such plain liturgy to that I may share with others.

Time of reconciliation …

Forgive me the California
I drank away in today’s strawberries,
in the almonds,
and the almond milk,
in tomatoes, lettuce, and
the avocado in my sandwich.

Forgive me how I ignored
the taste of drought on my tongue
as I sucked deeply
that amazing juicy orange. Amen.images

Assurance of Grace (John 4)
“Give me something to drink”
I still hear Jesus say.
“You have the bucket.”

Whoever draws up, hand on careful rope,
and shares the living water
has lasting, lasting life.

Affirmation in drips of real time

This is California water –

The water that steamed the broccoli
now soaks the houseplants;
the extra in the tea pot
is ice cubes
and what I dab on my onion eyes.

This is California water –

The game with my kids
is called fast-splash …
how much skin can get clean
in “one-sac-ra-men-to, two sac-ra-men-to …”?
Also can be played by adults.

This is California water –

Strength training for cardiac care –watering-can-clip-art-niBag76iA
gym-free —
is me and a watering can,
(no hose, no sprinkler)

and all that time with the dirt and birds
for meditation.

What about you?

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