Trinity Sunday afternoon

God is like a braid, not a crew cut.
God is like a symphony, not a soloist.

God is like a family,
any shape family –
steps and blends and chosen,
water cooler family and
recovery group family …
not like a hermit.

God is like a soup kitchen
where everyone eats together,
worker and guest.
God is not like take-away.

God sounds like the United Nations
or a really big airport,
God doesn’t sound
like a national anthem,
anyone’s national anthem.

God is more like prayer concerns
than a sermon, 
anyone’s sermon.

God is like Facebook, oh, no!
with pictures of dogs
and vacations
and grandchildren, not a blog
maybe a twitterfeed.
(Have you looked at the mess
that is the Bible?)

God is like a rambling farmhouse,
or a trailer park
or public housing
all those many, many rooms …
God is not like a condo.

God is like
a baby born in a borrowed cave
who flung the aurora borealis
laughed at pterodactyls,

and is related to a burning bush
that is also a chicken,

but sounds like a santa ana
or Babel turned inside-out.

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4 Responses to Trinity Sunday afternoon

  1. Powerful images – and possibilities!

  2. Richard & Elinor Yeo says:

    Peter – I especially loved my friend Maren’s reference to the United Nations!!

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