Blessings for the Delegates to a Large Church Gathering

So many folks are at large church gatherings — in my denomination General Synod later this month (which has a tradition of many cookies passed as snack) but also many others … so this blessing is for those who go —

May the words of your mouth —
reports and debates and calling the question,
passing the peace and the cookies,

and the meditations of your hearts –
what you do deep within you
long before and just before you speak —
be acceptable,
also honest, also kind.

May the words that are planned —
incredible gifts of staff and volunteers,
the pray-ers and preachers
and presenters of plans,

and discussions that rise up with the Spirit
or miracles of compromise
be acceptable,
also very holy and very human.

May the words of this gathering
be congruent with
scripture and agenda,
balanced by generous process,
moderated by the moderate,
and surprised into new possibilities,
even crazy cross-uptakings,

and the meditations of all the hearts
of those who send you to be
both representatives and prophets
be acceptable,
to the God of rocky grace
and sweet redeeming,

who moves that we adjourn
into good news for all the world.

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