Telling about the day

He’s in a compression vest.

The ALS has taken so much away
he needs the help for breathing.
But he wants to tell her what had happened
to make today a precious day.

“A sparrow …”
and that was all the breath he had.

“A sparrow came …” again he stops.

“A sparrow came to the …”
empty, he gasps and she wishes
he would just go on,
rather than starting all over again —
it takes so long.

He’s stronger now.
“A sparrow came to the feeder.”

“And then …”

He works to fill his chest,
“and then it flew …”

He plans it then, she can see,

"His eye is on the sparrow..."

“His eye is on the sparrow…”

the thought and holding on to that last
wisp of breath —

“And then it flew away.”

for Suzanne and her friend.

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2 Responses to Telling about the day

  1. Andrea (aka rokinrev) says:

    O my

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