Sunday’s Coming

Todd Jenkins writes a prayer for clergy colleagues and friends who regularly prepare to lead worship, week after week. 

Todd, June

Lord, it’s Wednesday again, and even
though the weight of last Sunday
has scarcely been lifted from us,
next Sunday is barreling down.

Help us, as we address the mountainous
task of preparing for next Sunday’s worship,
to have energy for and awareness
of all the valley-time in between.

As we engage our parishioners in
the midst of their daily lives, may we
have passion and compassion that moves us
to lift them and their circumstances
into your very presence.

For all those whose lives have been invaded
by chaos, we pray for courage– both theirs
and ours– to face the brooding darkness
with ultimate courage in the One
whose presence calms darkness’ journey.

In the face of pressure to succumb
to lesser images, we seek an anchoring sense
of our connectedness to the wholeness
and holiness of your face.

Through all the pedantic passing
of mesmerizing time that woos us
into comatose unawareness, give us a glimpse
of sacred ordinariness in each face and moment.

As Sunday’s shadow touches the horizon,
may we all– worshipers and preacher–
be swept– body, mind, and spirit–
into our ordained place in your realm.

© 2015 Todd Jenkins

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