Two more for Mother Emanuel AME Zion

Two more poetic gifts for Mother Emanuel.
This first is from Carol Hallman

Mother Emanuel AME Zion-Charleston

It is a historic place
Words of freedom and justice
Hope and love poured forth from her pulpit
(And still do)
Abernathy spoke there and Coretta led a march there
People gathered there
To hear the good news

Silence shattered
This place of refuge
Violated this holy sacred space
Consecrated now with the blood
Of the innocent
One man, hate-filled
Opened fire killing
Nine including their shepherd
Their pastor, the one they could lean on
Who led them and prayed by their sides
And preached the word

How long, O God?
How long will we
Continue to allow violence
And hate to fill our hearts

How many more tears have to fall
How many more bodies must we bury
How many more families must suffer
Before we stop praying and start doing something

How do we reclaim this space as holy
How do we consecrate this space and our whole selves
To God’s good work

How do we again take the risks
We must take
To speak of racism
And the gaping wound that has never healed
And reach out hands to people
Of all races, creeds and colors

And to see them all with the eyes of God

and from Todd Jenkins

God with us?
When hate tries
to overcome hope?

When fear flings open
its trench coat wide,
attempting to loom
larger than life
with a ferocious roar?

God with us?
When violence rends
breath from your children
as they gather in your name?

When we are challenged
to live love in our skin
without regard to pigment?

When we are called
to be the body of Christ,
not on Sunday morning
in a building, but on Thursday
in a grieving community?

Emanuel: God is with us!


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2 Responses to Two more for Mother Emanuel AME Zion

  1. Gail says:

    Thank you for these prayers. We all must keep the families of the victims in our prayers. As well as the family of the young man who has so much hate in him. For him and his family. They will need our prayers especially after the funerals, after the news crews, and after others have gone on their way. These people will still be suffering. Thank you so much for the prayers.

  2. Maren says:

    It is amazing how one deed like a ricochet or an echo just keeps on and on and on.

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