Reflection on Proverbs 31 and announcing a new book

Rosalie Sugrue of Aotearoa / New Zealand has a wonderful new novel available this week! Please see the ordering information beneath her gift of a reflection that so subtly makes Proverbs 31 inclusive. It is this journey — within faith — from limited and exclusive to inclusive that is the theme of Rosalie’s novel Greens and Greys. 

An offspring of Proverbs 31

A good life who can find?

A good life who can find?
It is far more precious than jewels.
At the heart of a good life is trust;
trust in self, and trust in others.
Those who seek life do not harm;
they work with willing hands,
and listen with understanding.
They consider their options
and embrace the best path
with enthusiasm, hope, and joy.

They nurture with kindness,
perceive with wisdom,
and act with generosity.
They are not overwhelmed
when the bad times come;
for they are equipped
with determination,
and fortified by love.
Strength and dignity
is their outer clothing
and empathy undergirds all.

Those who seek a good life
balance work with play;
Show respect to all people,
And live as good stewards.
They are slow to judge,
quick to smile, and ready to praise.
Their blessing are counted as many,
and their wealth is beyond measure,
because they value relationships.

A prayer for wisdom

Wise God help us find your wisdom;
and live our lives in that wisdom.
As you encouraged ancient people
to consider wise sayings for their times;
Help us consider proverbs for our times,
and save us from falling prey to folly.

The world connects wealth with money;
But wisdom connects wealth with wellbeing.
The world equates disability with ill-health;
But wisdom equates health with attitude.
The world looks for happiness in possessions
Wisdom knows happiness cannot be bought;
That wealth and health exist in wellbeing.
Help us establish right relationships,
with ourselves, and with your world.
Open us to new insights and experiences
that enable deeper understandings;
And, in the doing and being of living
May we love as you would have us love. Amen

Greens and Greys depicts the journey of Molly, a young woman who moves from a Greens_and_Greys_front_cover_300dp_1800w_1_June_2015conservative to inclusive faith. The story tells of her growing up in a Christian home in small-town New Zealand in the 1950s. She becomes the first of her extended family to move to the city for tertiary education. Molly’s faith horizons are expanded as she develops new understandings through experiences gained while living in a hostel, boarding, and flatting, first in NZ then in the UK, before marrying and raising a family back in NZ. My hope is that as well as being an entertaining tale of gentle humour and drama, it will aid conversation on sensitive issues such as alcohol, sex, sin, and suicide, particularly between generations where life-style differences cause problems between parents and their young.
Greens and Greys is available as an eBook on Amazon Books. Hardcopies can be ordered on line through Philip Garside Publishing

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2 Responses to Reflection on Proverbs 31 and announcing a new book

  1. Dear Maren, Your US readers can now also order print-on-demand copies of Greens and Greys from and This will reduce their postage costs.
    Kind regards, Philip Garside, Publisher.

    • Maren says:

      Thanks, Philip, that is so helpful. sometimes the US to Australia and New Zealand is not available and some readers do prefer print versions.

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