The Letter to the Romans and the Confederate Flag

Take down the damn flag!
I hear Paul,
an apostle with whom I am
in a love-aggravate relationship,
whisper to me in the night.

As long as one person
sees more than red fabric,
sees the idol –
and all its bloody sacrifices.

(One person, Paul?
I’m thinking – everybody.)

Then don’t eat it,
don’t stumble it,
don’t fly it,
don’t cause the ruin of so many
for whom Christ died.

Blessed, blessed are they
who have no reason
to condemn themselves
for what they approve,

Paul says.

And then he quotes Christ –
not in my dream,
but in the book of Romans —

“the insults of those
who insult you, my dear children,
have fallen on me.”

Take down the Christ-insulting flag!

(Romans 14-15)

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