Reflection on 2 Samuel 7: 1-14

And God says to the Davids
who have prospered,

Who are you to build for me
any kind of a permanent structure?
No, not a church or a mosque
or a temple,
not a state house
or a capitol building,

while any of my children,
migrant, refugee, asylum-seeker,
immigrant, victim
of human trafficking,
tosses in a boat,
sweats in a truck, dies
in a warehouse,
pays for the smuggling.

I am a tenting God,
a God of the way and the journey
and if those who shepherd
want a name,
let it be welcomer,
planter of people, giver of rest.

But wait, before you leave
this scripture,
tell them this, too –

I promise you
my Davids and my lost, lost sheep –
cedar in your future,
for I am also
and only
the maker of your houses.

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