Prayer for living in the moment, from Canada

Katherine Burgess of Quebec, Canada, is someone I have come to know through the online church community CASA. Her daily prayers are extraordinary and I am thrilled that she has given me permission to share them occasionally here. Thank you, Katherine.

Have you ever watched a small child playing? They do it with all their hearts, entirely focused on the moment.

Today, Lord, may I live in the moment
May I enjoy whatever is happening
Without worrying about what will happen next
Help me to see whatever is good
Whatever is pleasant
Whatever brings me joy
In every moment of today
If the sun is shining,
Let me bask in it
Like a kitten stretching
If it is raining
Let me appreciate
The benefits contained therein
When I hear music
May I stop to listen
Instead of relegating it
To the background noise of my day
As I am driving to my next event
May I take pleasure from the fact
That I can drive
And, if traffic is slow,
Let me take the opportunity
To speak to you again
Help me become more childlike,
More innocent,
More the way you intended me to be
So that I, too, may live
In the moment

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4 Responses to Prayer for living in the moment, from Canada

  1. revknits72 says:

    Thank you, Maren, for your kind words.
    Blessings on you this day and every day.

    • Maren says:

      I hope that your focus on presence will shape the day I anticipate — or maybe teach me to be not quite so “anticipatory.” May I and others who read this live in the moment.

  2. R. Matthew Stevens says:

    We all need to be more childlike and thus more Christlike. An excellent reminder.

  3. Maren says:

    It is, I think, harder than being sophisticated!

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