Communion, meet Playground

(In two voices)

Come for all things are ready.
Ready or not – here we come!

The pews are bright,
and the children cute
on the stairs of the chancel.
The liturgy reflects
not just traditional words
but the raw edges of life.
The choir will lift your heart.
the bread is gluten-free …
Come for all things are ready.

We didn’t notice the pews
or hear the sermon.
During the anthem
we were worried someone
would be staring at us.,
a child or someone with gray hair …
We’re not ready – here we come.

We take ashes to the street,
Bibles to the bar.
You can sign a petition here
or come to AA on Friday night.
We have a praise band.
We have a labyrinth.
We have a prayer shawl ministry
an online prayer room,
a CROP walk, prison visitation …
Come for all things are ready.

We lost a job, a baby, sobriety,
the will to get out of bed,
an argument with a teenager,
our temper with a toddler.
We lost a marriage,
Dad to dementia, a sister to suicide.
We lost hair to male pattern baldness,
our license, custody,
a promotion, self-respect …
Are you ready for us? – here we come.

We are … lonely without you.
We are opening our doors
and they are heavy..
We want to be part
of changing the world
and sometimes we make mistakes.

We want you to make it.
We hope you can see Jesus here,
We hope you can hope
and pass hope on to someone else …
Come, we probably aren’t ready
but we are trying.

We see the crack in the door,
the tiny rainbow flag,
We hear that you let someone
stay in the choir
after too much vibrato.
Somebody smiled
in a little quick New England way.

Ready or not we are coming.
It’s not a game –

and nobody can hide.

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5 Responses to Communion, meet Playground

  1. Titia Bozuwa says:

    Right on and very contemporary!

  2. Emily Geoghegan says:

    Thankmyou, Maren. That is beautiful.

  3. Linda Cetrulo says:

    your poem hit a soft spot in me – I am trying as well…trying to figure out how I fit back into the church that feels connected to my past but not to my present.

    Linda (Colorado)

  4. Maren says:

    How simply wonderful to hear from you, Linda. I am glad this touched you and hope that there is a faith community — maybe even a house church or prayer group that at some point can be touched by your graceful and graced spirit.

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