Do you want happiness?

The poem is by Todd Jenkins and it is called “These 3” but I thought you might be tempted to read this blog post if I asked you — Do you want happiness? It is not, in fact, self-evident that we do. Learn something from Todd and don’t miss the photo that he uses to illustrate it! If you want to know more about Todd and his blog Tuesday’s Muse, have a look here

These 3

There is but one place and time
where happiness can be found:
here, and now.

If you don’t have it now,
where you are,
chances are not good
that you will find it later,
somewhere else.

It has less to do with
surroundings and companions
and more to do with the attitude
and outlook you have
about and for yourself.

When it is grounded in these three –
here, now, and self – no one
can steal it from you.

Don’t miss it by wasting
your life searching
for it elsewhere.


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