One Child Laughs

My grandson Leo giggles –
and it’s some funny song of mine,
a tickled foot,
a smile mirror to my smile,
the dog’s silliness,
the infinitely repeatable humor
of something
falling on the floor,
or just the way sunlight
tinkerbelles on leaf
or the shiny carseat buckle.

And I think,
this is what Mary hoped
when she belted
magnificat in second soprano –
not just her precious
and most intimate joy –
one baby,
one face smiling down,

but a wild hope,
a wild, almost unimaginable,
a wild and ordinary hope
of her heart
turned inside out —

that when one child laughs,
there will be a reason
for laughing
for every child in the world.

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2 Responses to One Child Laughs

  1. Your pen floats across your canvas. Thank you. Always.

  2. sugruerm says:

    Your words magnify all our souls

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