Benediction from Mexico

A blessing from Pastora Karina Garcia Carmona of Iglesia Luterana MexicanaCristo” shapes my day and I think about blessings. Over the years I have heard so many benedictions (good-speakings). Some are rattled off rote and mean little more than the old Bugs Bunny routine “That’s all folks.” Some are deeply prayerful. Some are so complex or mini-sermonesque that the congregation is listening for the preacher’s gift rather than experiencing God’s blessing touch to rest and empower the day or week … or maybe only hour to come.

Do you have a favorite benediction that you use or you have heard? If you do, please share them in the comments or by sending to

Let these words from Mexico bless your day.


May the hand of our God,
be always with you
giving you warm protection.
May the eyes of Christ our brother,
be always with you
teaching you to see horizons ever more distant.
May the clear voice of the Holy Spirit,
will be always with you
giving you the spirit to continue fighting.

Pastor Karina Garcia Carmona
Translation: Katie Fiegenbaum


La mano de nuestro Dios,
estará siempre contigo
dándote tibio resguardo.
Los ojos de Cristo nuestro hermano,
estarán siempre contigo
dándote a ver horizontes cada vez más lejanos.
La nítida voz del Espíritu Santo,
estará siempre contigo
dándote ánimo para seguir luchando.

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  1. Amen-you are Superb!!!

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