How do you perceive the Holy Spirit?

There are so many images for the elusive Holy Spirit — wind and fire, tongues and, of course, ghosts — so familiar, so very much not dangerous. The Holy Spirit appeared in another form me today. How  do you perceive the Holy Spirit?

The coyote crosses the highway
tail high and eyes bright.
She meets mine,
through the clear and shatterproof
of my many uninvolvements.

One leg re-mended from a break
reminds me
of the angles of hope
in childhood ballet classes.
She holds it stiffly –
making her way three-legged,
a sacrament
vestige of many dancings.

Cat owners for miles around
are stirring suspicious
in their dreams,

but she trots unconcerned
into late dry August brush,
on the roadside.

There are sides to every road
and tricksters.

The rising sun
paints her fur on my retina,
her path marked
on the back
of how I will perceive
all my crossings.coyote6

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3 Responses to How do you perceive the Holy Spirit?

  1. Titia Bozuwa says:

    The image you paint wth words really works for me. The cyote…the roadside trickster!

  2. Amelia Richardson Dress says:

    Thanks for an expansive image for the Holy Spirit. I am playing with the trickster coyote image in my head even as I write this.

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