Blessed are the children … Prayer from Argentina

Father Luis Rey of the Santa Cruz Church in Buenos Aires wrote that this prayer began on a napkin in the Nazareth Garden at his church and over the years he has added to it, until he knew that it was finished.

It is an amazing prayer, and that is why I asked Lucy Berrios Taveras to translate it. It is also that thought … for me and for all of us – that we might go to the “napkins,” the scraps of the past, the thoughts we rushed by because we were too busy, the half-image that did not seem ready at the time — and see what years and change of life might bring to it now.

Blessed are the children, God,
and also those with joy, grace and courage
who dare to be like them…

Blessed are the poor in spirit, God,
and those who with your light and your strength,
try to look like them…

For theirs is the kingdom, God,
that will be far from this system —
this system of violence,
of love that is not offered,
of imposed exclusion,
of competition,
of few opportunities,
of such efficiency and strength,

with only the capacity of a dam,
with monetary success,
catch of prey, and defense,
that characterizes the difference
of powerful north from poor south.

The world we make
is a Leviathan globalized, God,
and one day it will die
because it’s not your image,
nor does it show you,
nor can it ever be,
anything but idolatry and death …

Your image good God,
God of the living,
is Jesus, who came,
who is always coming,
who will always include
who will always forgive,
who will love forever,
and overthrow hunger, sadness, and death
for your people, good Lord,
those mirroring your image
the image of Jesus who is coming,

who is always coming …


Bienaventurados los niños, Dios,
y cuantos con alegría, gracia y coraje
se atrevan a ser como ellos…
Bienaventurados los pobres de espíritu, Dios,
y quienes con tu luz y tu fuerza,
intenten parecerse a ellos…
Porque de ellos es el Reino, Dios,
que va a estar fuera de este sistema.
De este sistema de violencia,
de amor que no se ofrece,
de exclusión que se impone,
de competencia,
de oportunidades para pocos,
de eficiencia y de fuerza,
de capacidad de presa,
de éxito, rapiña y defensa,
de norte poderoso y sur de pobres,
Leviatán planetario, Dios, globalizado,
que un día va a morir de buena muerte
porque no es tu rostro, Dios, ni nos lo muestra,
ni jamás podrá serlo, porque es ídolo y es muerte…
Tu rostro buen Dios, Dios de los vivos,
es Jesús que vino, que siempre está viniendo,
a incluir siempre,
a perdonar siempre,
a amar siempre,
a deshambrear, a desllorar, a desmorir
a tu Pueblo, buen Dios,
que también es espejo de tu rostro
que es Jesús que viene,
que siempre está viniendo…

En el jardín de Casa Nazaret
Luis Rey

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