Improv on Psalm 121 … Denali

I will lift up my eyes to Denali,
from whence comes my help.

My help comes from God
who made the High One
and all the wounded Appalachians
whose summits have been blown away
for veins of coal.

God suffers
when we do not
move our feet, heal our hearts,
be willing to change names
as Jesus did so long ago –
Simon to Peter,
dog to daughter.

God does not slumber –
through Charleston, or Oak Creek,
Newton or Aurora.

God is our weeper.

The heat of money-politics
and the lunacy of racism
will not undo us.

For God weeps
and sometimes laughs with joy —
at our going out and coming in,
our climbing up and turning around
from this time forth
and forevermore.

Mt. Denali

Mt. Denali

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2 Responses to Improv on Psalm 121 … Denali

  1. Betsy says:

    Thank you, Maren! That speaks from the depths.

  2. Home says:

    Thank you for words that rise up into the air and breath life

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