Prayer for the Folks who make Churches “work” by Canadian, Richard Bott

I have often wanted to pray for the folks who make the church work … as well as those who are sick, grieving, celebrating birthdays and new babies and weddings. The people who turn on the coffee are very important to what all of us do together. And Richard Bott of British Columbia, Canada has done that in this prayer. Next Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving — I give thanks for him! as well as all the amazing Canadians who share their words through this blog!

For the people who sit on Church Boards,Stockbridge
Councils, Sessions, or
Governing Body (by whatever name);
and those who make sure
that the coffee is on,
and the tea is steeped;
for those who love our children
with the stories of Jesus,
and those who hold on to
our teens, in joy and despair;
for the stitchers and chatterers;
for the pray-ers in silence,
and the ones who shout to each other,
as they hammer another shingle
into the roof;
for the ones who bring coffee and conversation
to the guy who begs for help
by the door to Shoppers;
for the do-ers and the be-ers;
for the writers and the singers;
for each and every who make a difference
just by being who they are…
thank you, God!
For this moment,
solitary or in community,
alert or asleep,
in joy or in sadness, or in some other way;
for this minute,
this second,
this time-beyond-time…

To read more of Richard’s amazing liturgy head to his blog over here.

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7 Responses to Prayer for the Folks who make Churches “work” by Canadian, Richard Bott

  1. R. Matthew Stevens says:

    Well said, my friend, and long over-due recognitions for all those who do the real ministry.

  2. Titia Bozuwa says:

    I love this poem. So REAL!

  3. Nicolette Wellington says:

    Hi Maren,

    Thank you for this and there have been many others,


    Nicolette Wellington

  4. Maren says:

    You are very welcome, Nicolette — lovely to hear from you.

  5. Lynne Frith says:

    Thank you for this prayer. We are observing the 149th anniversary of Pitt St Methodist Church, Auckland, New Zealand, on Sunday, and I will use this prayer that shifts the focus from buildings to people.

  6. Maren says:

    That’s wonderful! I will make sure that Richard knows and he will be thrilled.

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